My name is Liza mordkovich. 

I am is a Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Art Therapist, Psychotherapist and Coach. I am passionate about helping individuals conquer anxiety, addiction, stress and providing perinatal wellness services. My approach is warm, eclectic, emphatic, compassionate and solution oriented. My mission is to help individuals overcome obstacles, improve relationships and lead a gratifying and joyful life! I am committed to helping my clients acquire new ways of thinking, behaving and feeling. I combine evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) to help individuals cope with emotional distress. Also, I draw from mindfulness, meditation, hypnotherapy, art therapy and trauma focused approaches to best tailor treatment. 


Real reason I do what I do..

I am an artist, mother and Brooklyn resident. I had two babies about 3.5 years from one another: both births were very different experiences. My first birth experience left me feeling drained, anxious and traumatized. I recall postpartum period being a sleepless daze of feeling isolated, numb, overwhelmed and struggling with breastfeeding my tongue tied baby! Motherhood did NOT feel like what I had thought it would.

I am also a survivor of anxiety and panic attacks. I empathize greatly with my clients because I can proudly say: "I was there. I get you". I have learned tools which saved me during my postpartum haze and anxious times. I would like to now teach YOU what helped ME based on professional and personal experience and professional training. 

Thank goodness I was able to achieve my own healing. 

I am a proponent of long term breastfeeding, baby wearing, bedsharing (safely) and gentle, mindful parenting and coparenting. I believe supporting moms will support babies and families. I advocate for healthy connection and attachment with your babies and your partners. 

I absolutely will NOT judge any parenting,feeding or sleep choices and will help you decide what works best FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. 


My other interest include cooking, painting, meditation, practicing daily mindfulness, and walks in nature. 

Contact me to find out how I can help you lead the life you want!


  • BA Psychology, Art; Tufts University
  • MA Art therapy, Mental Health Counseling; Long Island University
  • MA Social Work; Silbermans School of Social Work

Professional certification and training:

Guest Lecturer: Long Island University, 

Professional training: "Addressing Burn Out in Mental Health Profession", "Art Therapy with Sensory Processing Disorder", "Motivational Interviewing", "Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Skills".