The only way out is through.”-Robert Frost

Pregnancy and post birth is such an exciting, life changing and exhausting time for the whole family!  Preparing the mind, body and spirit for a new life, trying to conceive- can be exciting, daunting, anxiety provoking and traumatic! Supporting mothers and families is critical during these changes. 

She believed she could so she did

I am here to support during these transitions and adjustments!

Together, we will learn valuable mindfulness, distress tolerance, and meditation tools which can assist during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, child birth and beyond.

Services include:

  • Treatment and assessment for PMAD, stress and birth trauma.
  • Therapeutic pain management for cesarean births and any medical interventions experienced during childbirth. CBT and mindfulness for pain management.
  • Breastfeeding resources and referrals. Treatment for D-MER.  
  • Behavioral Interventions for sleep solutions.
  • Bereavement counseling. Miscarriage and stillbirth support. 
  • Family and couples counseling. Helping families adjust to life with a new baby and beyond. 
  • Parenting coaching with a nod towards respectful, gentle, and mindful strategies and interventions. 
  • Cesarean Support. 
  • Abortion Support.
  • Fertility and Trying to Consceive Support. 
  • Mindfulness and hypnotherapy during pregnancy.


***Services available in office, at home and telehealth. ****


We can work together to help cultivate infant-parent attachment, maximize sleep, and adjust to fourth trimester.

Please contact me directly to inquire about services.