Couples and Family counseling focuses on the union (family or couple) as a unit. While goals may be similar in Couples or Family Counseling as with individual, the distinction is the focus on the union as together, unique, but also observing autonomy. In other words, you achieve goals as a couple or family while strengthening your relationship. 

In Couples and Family Counseling, you will learn:

  • Relationship strengths and how to build on them.
  • How to reconnect and keep connection strong.
  • Develop problem solving skills, communication, emotional regulation  and distress tolerance skills for crisis management and daily use.
  • Learn more about one another.
  • Improve sex, romance and passion, even while in crisis. 
  • Coparenting tools and communication.
  • Support during specifically stressful and challenging times.
  • Support during IVF, Infertiliy, Pregnancy Loss, Postpartum period, Adoption. 
  • Build on mutual respect, kindness, empathy and mindful awareness. 
  • Building and drawing from "emotional bank account".

At the core of "things just aren't working", are usually two individuals isolated in pain: restoring connection, communication and "emotional bank account", helps a couple and family heal. 



Apologizing doesn’t always mean that you’re wrong and the other person is right. It means that you value your relationship more than your ego
Happy marriages are based on deep friendships